Services Overview

Spirit Occupational Workforce Health care are specialists in providing occupational health-care programs, designed for any industry.  Spirit assists in controlling and managing work-related injuries and provides appropriate screening. Primary services include health prevention programs, occupational health examinations and tests, drug & alcohol testing, reports, case management, and return-to-work programs.

As with all the standard Spirit services, elements from other programs may be incorporated to create a truly bespoke solution to your business.

Depending on your unique needs and budget, your on-site health program will be staffed by any of the following, to ensure the correct level of delivery by health professionals such as: occupational-health nurses, occupational health technicians or occupational health physicians. We will work closely with you to determine the ideal balance between level of care and cost.

We also take on both Agency and Contractual work. We are also qualified and skilled in undertaking vaccination, phlebotomy and executive medicals.