Return-To-Work Programs

Employee Wellbeing rAn Occupational health assessment is often referred to as:

  • A management referral
  • A sickness absence referral
  • A return to work assessment

An occupational health assessment is when an employer refers an, employee to Spirit Occupational Health Service for advice on an employee fitness to return to work or remain in work.

The occupational health assessment is usually face to face between the employee and an occupational health professional who may undertake other examinations such as hearing test, blood pressure etc.

The occupational health assessment is confidential and the outcome for the employer will be an occupational health medical opinion on the employee’s fitness to work. Usually this results in guidance for both the employee and the employer on a rehabilitation program to bring the employee back to work or improve their work performance by temporarily/permanently restructuring their work pattern/tasks.

When is an assessment required?

  • As a succinct part of your company’s’ return to work policy
  • Following a workplace accident resulting in lost time
  • After an employee presents a fit note to their employer
  • In situations where an employee’s health is affecting their work, such as stress, long term illnesses or difficult medical conditions
  • In situations where an employee’s health is being affected by their work
  • Personnel/HR involvement with an employee
  • Ill Health Retirement
  • Work place risk assessment

How do you refer?

Spirit Occupational Health’s’ process is simple, either call or email us

  • We’ll email you our management referral form
  • We’ll arrange clinic consultation appointment
  • We’ll Follow up the consultation with a full report outlining, where appropriate;
    • Estimated length of absence
    • A rehabilitation plan
    • Any required restrictions
    • Estimated length of restrictions
    • Provide you with a plan of action to help tackle the issues
    • How to meet your ‘duty of care’ to the employee