Wellness and Health Promotion

Employee Wellbeing rEmployee wellbeing and health promotion initiatives are essential components of any successful organisation, helping to ensure a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Enlightened employers understand the link between healthy energised staff and their bottom line. Given the current climate, getting the most out of your employees is more important than ever to invest in their wellbeing through health promotion activities.

Employees want a safe, healthy working environment where their physical and emotional wellbeing needs are met through tailored made spirit occupational health promotion programmes.

Modern organisations are seeking proactive wellbeing health promotion programmes to keep employees healthier and less prone to injury or illness to help reduce absenteeism and boost productivity.


Those who have used such health promotion programmes have enjoyed the following perceived benefits:

  • Reduced sickness absence and fewer compensation claims
  • Increased productivity and higher profit margins
  • Greater staff retention and less reliance on temporary staff
  • Improved employee health, energy and performance

Spirit Occupational Health Service offers a range of employee wellbeing and health promotion services to help build and maintain a stress resilient organisation, one which will attract and retain the best people.

Spirit Occupational Health Service assists employees to recognise lifestyle factors detrimental to their health and educate them to address their issues through one to one interaction or group sessions.